McGrath Nursing Consultancy works with people living with the effects of catastrophic injury (e.g. spinal cord injury / brain injury) & like physical disabilities.  The community- based nursing consultancy services provide reliable nursing intervention promoting individual choice & wellness.

McGrath Nursing Consultancy has a special interest in disability related health and complex care needs.

McGrath Nursing Consultancy provides services in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Services are available outside of these areas, on request.



"Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual's and family's comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes."


Education and Training

Education and Training (individuals, support workers/attendant care workers and carers).

The Training Room hosted by McGrath Nursing Consultancy:  offers a cloud based training platform designed to provide training to attendant care workers/carers

Continence Assessment

Continence (bladder & bowel) assessment, recommendation, scripting  & on-going intervention(s).

Catheter Change service available (limited geographical area)

Including transanal irrigation assessment & training to mange chronic bowel dysfunction e.g. Aquaflush, Peristeen & Navina

Nursing Care Assessment

Nursing Care and Needs Assessment incl. individualised care planning and establishing individualised work place policies, procedures & resources.

Our Approach

Being a Rehabilitation Nursing and community based practice McGrath Nursing Consultancy believe: 

 “The goal of rehabilitation nursing is to assist individuals with disability and/or chronic illness to attain and maintain maximum function.”

Our services are available:

  • In your own home/workplace/community

  • eHealth/Zoom

  • Cloud based training options

About me

Georgina (aka Georgie) McGrath established McGrath Nursing Consultancy in 2017.  With over 20 years' Disability & Rehabilitation Nursing experience and 10 years’ experience working in private practice within the community sector Georgie is keen to continue to spread her nursing practice to clients/participants, organisations,  carers and attendant care workers.


McGrath Nursing Consultancy is a fee-for-service business. Much in the same way as you would pay your plumber etc.

We are a specialist and consultancy based service.

How people pay for our services?

  • NDIS funding (Plan Managed or Self Managed)

  • Self funded

  • An insurance agency engages our service(s) on your behalf

  • Organisations/Agencies/Individuals engage us to prepare and deliver training for their staff including tailoring programs to individual client needs

I approached Georgie because I was having trouble managing my bladder and bowel due to spinal cord injury. I had ongoing urine infection for 5 years. Georgie helped me by her knowledge in this field. She went above and beyond to try find a solution. She gave me ideas that actually worked for me. I haven’t had an infection in 4 months! There are some things I liked about her service. She is very caring, and I felt comfortable explaining every issue.  Also, I was able to pick times that suited me, which made my life so much easier! Feeling comfortable enough to call when i was having problems was also a major plus. Having someone who is very experienced in spinal cord injury I would definately recommended her.

A.W. Age 26


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Browns Plains QLD 4118

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