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NDIS & Compensation - how to complete the paperwork

For many reasons people with disability who are ‘eligible’ for the NDIS have received a compensation payout from the injuries that cased their disability. As part of your intake into the NDIS you will be required to complete a Compensation Form. This will (generally) be sent to you after your planning meeting. This is general advice only!

Information you will be required to disclose & tips of what to do if you don’t have the information/don’t know the information

· Date of injury, state injury occurred, what happened to cause the injury and what was the injury that you received compensation for (e.g. spinal cord injury, head injury, amputation etc.);

· Name and contact details of your solicitor: if you solicitor has retired etc. simply write that in this area;

· The date your claim was finalised: if you don’t know the exact date write the closest date you remember with a comment along the lines off “exact date unknown”;

· What was the total lump sum payment? Lots of people only remember the amount they received which was the lump sum less or the payments back to things like Medicare, Centrelink and legal fees. If you only remember the amount you received that write that with a comment along the lines of: “unsure of exact gross/full settlement amount, the value listed is the approximate value of the amount I received;

· Who paid the lump sum payment to you?

· What was the lump sum for e.g. pain & suffering, loss of income, past & future care etc. This is what’s called the Heads of Damages of your settlement. Most people for lots of reasons do not have a copy of this. Solicitors are only required to keep documents for 7 years. So, if your settlement was pre-2011 then you will be hard pressed to get these details. Write something along the lines of: “Breakdowns unknown as I do not have this record and as my settlement was >7 years ago and my solicitor no longer holds this document”;

· Of the lump sum payment what have you spent it on? Again, you may not have kept accurate records of spending (most people don’t as you just get on with life. Provide as much details as you and and/or If you don’t know then write something along the lines of “exact records of expenditure have not been kept.”

FYI You are asked to provide a breakdown of expenditure from your lump sum for:

o Personal care and/or support,

o Aids and /or equipment,

o Physical or other therapies,

o Vehicle modifications,

o Home modification, and

o Other supports.

· Have you had a preclusion period i.e. a set period of time that you have been unable to access Centrelink etc. since your claim settled? Most people will know their Centrelink preclusion period - if not, you may need to call Centrelink. Again, your preclusion period may have passed, and it may be helpful to note the date it ended. You are asked to provide a copy of your ‘preclusion notice’ – consider calling Centrelink and enquire if they have a record/copy to attach;

· Like above, do you know if Centrelink or Medicare were repaid at compensation settlement? Most likely they were, if you don’t know how much, write “amount repaid unknown. If you do not know then write: “unknown”.

· If you currently receive supports, you will need to provide a commencement date for these supports and provide contact details for your service provider. Make a note of who funds these supports e.g. are they a self-funded expense (i.e. you are paying for the supports) or funded by a government package e.g. Disabilities Services QLD package;

· You will need to provide information on your service or supports funding for the items listed below and you are asked to provide the amount spent and how often this amount is spent. If you are unsure of these expenses than write something against each line item like: “Personal care is funded by Disabilities Services unsure of exact funding package”; “MASS supplies equipment – unsure of funded amount) etc.

o Personal care and/or support,

o Aids and /or equipment,

o Physical or other therapies,

o Vehicle modifications,

o Home modification, and

o Other supports.

Once you return your completed Compensation Form to the NDIS (you will have been provided with details of where to send the form) – expect to wait more than 28 days for this part of your NDIS intake process to be finalised. Consider calling NDIS after 28 days to ‘check in’ on the progress.


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